Why use phosphate in the food industry?

Phosphate is currently one of the most widely used and large amount of food additives, as an important food ingredient and functional additive, it is widely used in meat products, poultry products, seafood, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, baked products, beverages, potato products, seasonings, convenience foods and other processing processes. The addition of this substance to food contributes to the diversification of food varieties, improves its color, aroma, taste, shape, maintains the freshness and quality of food, and meets the needs of processing processes. They are important quality improvers.

For example, in the processing of meat products, the addition of phosphate can increase the pH of meat; chelated metal ions in meat; increase the ionic strength of meat; dissociate actin. Therefore, phosphate can improve the water retention and yield of products.

In addition, phosphate also has a greater role in pasta, it can increase gluten strength, reduce starch dissolved matter, enhance the viscoelasticity of noodles, improve the surface finish of noodles, improve the texture and taste of pasta and effectively prevent and reduce oxidation

In short, food-grade phosphate can play an enhancing role in improving product quality and strengthening nutrition.


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