Phosphoric Acid 85%

Phosphoric Acid is one of the popular food additives and ingredients in most countries, As a professional Phosphoric Acid supplier and manufacturer, Niranbio has been supplying and exporting Phosphoric Acid from China for almost 19 years, please be assured to buy Phosphoric Acid at Niranbio. Any inquiries and problems please feel free to send emails to us via, we will reply you within 1 working day.

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Phosphorous acid is in Colorless, transparent and syrupy liquid or rhombic crystalline;Phosphorus acid is odorless and tastes very sour; its melting point is 42.35℃ and when heated to 300℃ phosphorous acid will become into metaPhosphoric Acid; its relative density is 1.834 g/cm3;phosphoric acid is easily soluble in water and resolves in ethanol; Phosphate acid may irritate human skin to cause phlogosis and destroy the issue of human body; phosphorus acid shows corrosiveness being heated in ceramic vessels; phosphate acid has got hydroscopicity.

Phosporic Acid Uses :

Technical grade Phosphoric Acid may be used to produce variety of Phosphates, electrolyte treatment liquids or chemical treatment liquids, refractory mortar with phosphoric acid and inorganic coheretant.Phosporic acid is also used as a catalyst, drying agent and cleaner. In coating industry phosphoric acid is used as a rust-proof coating for metals; As a acidity regulator and nutrition agent for yeast food grade phosphoric acid may be applied to flavors, canned food and light drinks as well as used in wine brewery as a nutrients source for yeast to prevent the reproduction of useless bacteria.


Specifications Phosphoric Acid Industrial Grade Phosphoric Acid Food Grade
Appearance Colorless, transparent syrupy liquid or in very light color
Colour ≤ 30 20
Assay (as H3PO4 )% ≥ 85.0 85.0
Chloride(as Cl- )% ≤ 0.0005 0.0005
Sulphats(asSO42- )% ≤ 0.005 0.003
Iron (Fe)% ≤ 0.002 0.001
Arsenic (As)% ≤ 0.005 0.0001
Heavy metals,as Pb% ≤ 0.001 0.001
Oxidable matter (asH3PO4)% ≤ 0.012 no
Fluoride,as F% ≤ 0.001 no

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