How to add sodium bicarbonate to livestock and poultry feed has a good effect?

How to add baking soda to livestock and poultry feed has a good effect?

Adding sodium bicarbonate (scientific name sodium bicarbonate) to livestock and poultry feed can effectively improve the digestibility of livestock and poultry, accelerate the utilization of nutrients and discharge of harmful substances, and increase the weight gain of livestock and poultry. It can also keep the body’s resistance and immunity of livestock and poultry in the best state at all times, improve anti-stress ability, and play an important role in preventing livestock and poultry diseases and ensuring the healthy growth of livestock and poultry.

Feed the pigs

Adding baking soda to the piglet feed can increase the feed intake of the piglet and increase the daily gain
Above 9.5%, it can prevent the occurrence of red, yellow and white scours in piglets and increase the breeding rate of piglets by more than 10%. Each fattening pig is fed with sodium bicarbonate 3 to 4 g/day, which can gain more than 100 g/day and reduce feed consumption by 13.6%.

Feed the Chicken

Adding 0.4% sodium bicarbonate to the breeder’s diet can increase the fertilization rate of breeding eggs by 4% to 5%. Adding 0.7% sodium bicarbonate to broiler diets after 2 weeks of age can increase body weight by 5% to 6%. Adding 0.5% to 0.8% sodium bicarbonate to layer diets can significantly increase egg production and egg weight, increase egg shell thickness by about 6%, and reduce egg breakage.

Feed the cow

Adding 3% sodium bicarbonate to calf feed can effectively increase calf intake and promote calf growth. Adding 5% sodium bicarbonate to beef cattle feed can shorten the fattening period of beef cattle by 40-50 days and increase feed utilization rate by 8%-10%. Adding 150 g/day of sodium bicarbonate to each dairy cow’s lactation diet can effectively improve the lactation performance of dairy cows. Use 1. 5% baking soda and 0. 8% magnesia mixed feeding cows can increase milk production by 3.8 kg/day per head, which is more effective for dairy cows that have been fed silage for a long time. In addition, for cows that are not in estrus after delivery, feeding each cow with 10 g/day of sodium bicarbonate for 5 days can make the effective estrus rate of cows reach more than 90%.


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