Antioxidant Solutions from Plant Extracts

At present, the Russian-Ukrainian war and the new crown epidemic have exacerbated the complexity of the supply chain, and the global supply of edible oil and tocopherol has decreased. Many food manufacturers have to find solutions in raw materials of natural origin to reduce frying oil in production and processing. waste to meet the high demands of consumers to the greatest extent possible.

Niran Biochemical has added two fat-soluble rosemary extracts as food additives to its line of botanical extracts – antioxidants, one is carnosic acid powder and the other is carnosic acid liquid. As plant extracts, none of them have undergone chemical synthesis steps, enabling the addition of fat-soluble rosemary extracts to oil and fat-containing products.

During storage and use, edible oils and fats will oxidize themselves to produce rancid smells. The speed of rancidity is closely related to the contact with the air and the temperature. In particular, the harmful substances produced by the oxidation of oils and fats at high temperatures will cause harm to the human body.

Fat-soluble antioxidants can inhibit the oxidation of oils, prolong the shelf life of oils, and protect the unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients in oils from being destroyed to the greatest extent.

In rapeseed, sunflower oil, olive oil and other oils, rosemary extract can be used as an antioxidant to inhibit the formation of peroxides and the decomposition of polyene fatty acids in oils, and its use effect in oils is also far superior to synthetic antioxidants.

Rosemary extract can also inhibit the oxidative rancidity of meat products caused by heating, mincing, slicing, freezing and other processes by slowing down the oxidation of lipids and methmyoglobin, and effectively maintain the color and meat quality of meat products. Not only can it help manage food oxidation and spoilage issues, but it can also help producers use raw materials for longer in the production process, which could potentially improve operational efficiency and improve sustainab.


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