L-Lysine Sulphate 70%

Mixture produced by fermentation technology whose essential component is L-Lysine sulphate, it also includes other amino acid, and microbial cell, microelement and bacterial protein.

Basic information

Brown or pale brown graininess, no obvious peculiar smell.

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Amino Acids



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Product Details:

Brand Name: L-Lysine Sulfate
CAS: 60343-69-3
English name: L-Lysine sulphate
Chemical formula: [C6H14N2O2]2*H2SO4
Content: 65%
Packing standard: 25kg/cardboard drum, four layers of kraft paper plus one layer of PE film
Physical characteristics: light yellow particles
Item Standard Index Q/CDSH01-2004
1 L-lysine content ≥51﹪
2 Other amino acids ≥10﹪
3 Sulfate (as SO42-) ≤15%
4 Loss on drying ≤3.0%
5 Ignition residue ≤4.0%
6 Ammonium salt (with NH4+) ≤1.0%
7 Lead (calculated as Pb) ≤30mg/kg
8 Arsenic (calculated as As) ≤2.0mg/kg
9 Granularity>1.5mm: ≤10.0/mm

Application effect

From various kinds of research results, Lysine sulphate is a kind of very good source for lysine. It is with remarkable application effect and biological effect in poultry, swine and aquatic livestock.

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